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Front Page Pic Welcome to the RRPictureArchives.NET contributor site of Rick Hoar.  

I hope that railfans will enjoy the photos I have posted here at RRPictureArchive.NET.  Some things to consider as you view:  I am not a professional photographer, you'll figure that out on your own.  I shoot the pics I like to view, mostly action shots with scenery involved.  I do not like roster shots, nor will I ever shoot the whole train.  I do like to shoot several different angles of the same train though.  I will never criticize anyones photos unless you're rabid about graffitti being an "art".  It's a crime and I don't care how much realism you subscribe to, it's trashing the railroads and making life difficult for the railfan.  If you think it's that cool, go tag your house or car. As for other shots though, lot's of folks shoot for different reasons than me.  I do accept criticism, but please be gentle.  If the comment is in poor taste I will delete it.  I post what I post as I believe the only bad photo of a train is the one missed.  I appreciate the work that the Huemmers put into this site and am grateful that they don't edit photos as 3/4 of mine probably wouldn't make the cut.  But again, a train is a train, I can look past the photo imperfections.

Thanks for viewing my pics, I hope you have enjoyed them.   Rick

You may browse my collection of pictures via the menu located on the left hand side of the page.  I hope you enjoy the collection and thanks for stopping by!

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NS Huddleston, VA
   -Added 1/28/2013 7:30:49 PM
NS Shenandoah
   -Added 9/24/2012 7:49:44 PM
Trains found on lazy afternoon drives.
   -Added 7/7/2009 10:19:18 PM
Riverton Jct, Front Royal, VA
   -Added 8/11/2007 9:57:35 AM
Doswell 5-7-07
   -Added 5/8/2007 11:18:47 AM
Strasburg RR
   -Added 3/31/2007 10:05:20 PM
Quantico Creek 3-13-2007
   -Added 3/13/2007 7:25:22 PM
Buckingham Branch 3-11-07
   -Added 3/11/2007 11:27:34 PM
Shenandoah, VA
   -Added 2/3/2007 11:32:33 PM
Midland, VA
   -Added 10/19/2006 5:52:57 AM
West Virginia
   -Added 9/16/2006 11:26:10 PM
Waynesboro, VA
   -Added 9/8/2006 9:05:11 PM
Fredericksburg VA 6-6-2006
   -Added 6/6/2006 2:34:42 PM
Acca Yard
   -Added 5/29/2006 6:46:37 AM
Winchester & Western
   -Added 5/28/2006 10:06:38 PM
Quantico, VA 4-20-06
   -Added 4/20/2006 9:00:47 PM
Lansdown Rd. Fredericksburg
   -Added 3/13/2006 6:33:24 PM
Around the James River
   -Added 3/4/2006 9:55:37 PM
Loram Ballast Cleaner
   -Added 1/28/2006 6:24:18 PM
Palmer, Mass
   -Added 12/30/2005 11:23:10 PM
Strasburg RR
   -Added 12/2/2005 6:49:22 AM
Cumberland, MD
   -Added 9/19/2005 7:55:10 PM
Auto Train Lorton
   -Added 6/7/2005 3:08:39 PM
Doswell Diamond
   -Added 4/30/2005 10:27:47 PM
Manassas II
   -Added 3/25/2005 12:44:51 PM
Hazen, Nevada
   -Added 2/21/2005 7:46:27 AM
Truckee, California
   -Added 2/20/2005 7:20:37 AM
Ann's Snow Trains
   -Added 1/19/2005 4:54:25 PM
Buckingham Branch Piedmont Sub 1/18/05
   -Added 1/18/2005 8:58:58 PM
Buckingham Branch Piedmont Sub
   -Added 12/30/2004 5:17:18 PM
New Quantico Creek Bridge
   -Added 12/29/2004 5:57:14 PM
Old/Various Locations
   -Added 11/26/2004 1:26:45 PM
Richmond, VA
   -Added 11/23/2004 7:35:06 PM
Ex C&O Main
   -Added 11/5/2004 7:32:41 PM
   -Added 11/2/2004 7:15:23 AM
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Temp Album (Empty)
   -Updated 3/29/2009 11:19:13 AM
Riverton Jct, Front Royal, VA
   -Updated 3/29/2009 10:58:38 AM
CSX between Quantico and Stafford, VA
   -Updated 3/6/2009 10:31:37 AM
   -Updated 3/6/2009 10:20:29 AM
Lansdown Rd. Fredericksburg
   -Updated 1/1/2008 9:31:46 PM
Richmond, VA
   -Updated 3/12/2007 11:43:08 AM
   -Updated 11/3/2006 4:26:38 AM
Buckingham Branch Piedmont Sub
   -Updated 10/28/2006 9:55:13 PM
Doswell Diamond
   -Updated 9/26/2006 7:08:59 AM
Palmer, Mass
   -Updated 5/23/2006 12:36:46 AM
Old/Various Locations
   -Updated 12/24/2005 6:20:10 AM
   -Updated 7/27/2005 9:12:37 PM
   -Updated 7/6/2005 6:21:31 PM
Manassas II
   -Updated 4/22/2005 7:05:25 PM
New Quantico Creek Bridge
   -Updated 4/20/2005 6:50:47 PM
   -Updated 2/8/2005 8:46:37 PM
   -Updated 10/16/2004 11:21:36 AM

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